Transpa Public API

Through the API it is possible to interact with some of the functionality available in Transpa. One can easily create, edit and delete vehicles and the API will eventually cover time reports, shifts, absence and much more.

It is possible to create modern salary export integrations, especially combined with the webhook.

New features are added continuously to the API. Many of the exposed resources are the same resources that we consume internally.

What does it cost to integrate with Transpa Public API?

Pricing of the API is split into two categories: quota and throttling limit. Trying the API on the sandbox environment is completely free.



  • 1 000 calls/month Free tier
  • 4 000 calls/month 1 000 SEK
  • 10 000 calls/month 2 225 SEK
  • 100 000 calls/month 15 000 SEK
  • 200 calls/minute Free tier
  • 400 calls/minute 1 000 SEK
  • 10 000 calls/minute 25 000 SEK

Quota and throttling limits

As an integrator, you will be granted a free tier of 1 000 requests on a monthly basis and a limit of 200 requests per minute. If you need to buy more quota or throttling, you can do that by contacting us on For pricing, see above illustration.


Customer building their own integration
Generally we expect most of these use-cases to be able to fit within the free tiers. For example, if the integration requires some extra quota, upgrading to up to 4 000 requests monthly, the total cost will be 1 000 SEK per month.

Integrator partner creates successful application
As an integrator it is possible to create applications that can be used by all of our customers. Your application would be show-cased in the Visma App Store. In such a use-case, you will eventually outgrow the free tier, and would need to buy bigger packages. For example, if you buy a quota of up to 10 000 calls per month, you as an integrator will be billed 2 225 SEK per month.